Our San Bernardino Criminal Defense lawyer regularly works with the local prosecutors to get our clients the most favorable results possible.


Everyone deserves a passionate attorney when their freedom is literally on the line.  Because we have knowledge and experience in all types of Criminal Defense cases, we can create personalized legal service plans for almost any situation.  


Trying to save money by representing yourself, you can miss opportunities to gain an advantage in your case, or even to completely resolve your criminal charges early on.  This can end up costing more in the long run.


Even if you think you cannot afford a criminal defense attorney, call us.  We can do more for you than you think.  Our affordable criminal defense attorney specializes in assisting clients that may otherwise not be able to hire a defense lawyer.  We offer affordable payment plans, with DUI defense attorney representation starting at just $750.

Whether you need a lawyer to help you get through a DUI, or even if it's something much more serious, we will be there to get you through it.

Many criminal law attorneys will take an initial retainter fee, and then surprise you after the first or second hearing with a second large bill. Meta Law Group was founded to do the opposite of that. Call me for a free no-risk consultation and case analysis.  We can also discuss your financial situation, and if you wish, we can provide you with an up-front quote and payment plan options. 


With total transparency from day one, you will know exactly what you can expect from your legal team.

No Matter What You've Been Accused of Doing,

You Deserve An Agressive and Attentive Defense.

We fight for your innocence

as if you were our only client.

Hiring the right lawyer to represent you early in a criminal matter is important.

No matter what your budget is, we can still help you.