Have you, or a loved one, suffered because of someone else's negligent – or purposeful – actions?

You're Not Responsible for the Injuries. Why Should You Pay For Them?


You have the right to seek payment from the people who caused you harm. Many of my clients come to me wondering why a personal injury lawyer is necessary.



Because the people who offer you a settlement quickly aren't worried about how much it's going to cost you to recover, or how long you're going to be in pain and incapable of working. They're just trying to figure out how little they can pay to make you go away.


A good attorney can take control of the process, and make sure that the settlement you receive is fair, and adequate to see you through your recovery.

And the longer you wait to consult a lawyer, the harder that job is.


We can assist you if you've been in a car accident – whether you were in a truck, car, on a bike, or even just a pedestrian. I've assisted clients with medical malpractice cases, in worker's compensation cases, and even in instances of nursing home abuse.

If you've been the victim of a defective product, or perhaps a defect in the construction of a building, I can help. From property owner negligence that led to slips and falls, to in the saddest cases, wrongful death. 


If you or someone you love has suffered from the callous or negligent acts of another – either physically or psychologically – you deserve a knowledgeable and passionate attorney who will fight for you. You'll find that here with me, and Meta Law Group.


And if I fail to get you your settlement, you won't have to pay me.

So please, call my offices now for a free consultation. We'll talk about what happened, and discuss how I can help.


If I don't think I can help you in your case, I'll tell you so. But if you're like the majority of personal injury victims I've spoken to, I am both highly qualified and happy to help you get the compensation you need to make it through your recovery.

If I don't get your settlement, you DONT pay me.